Education Program

The main reason to focus on education was the belief that through this vehicle we will be able to create a more knowledgeable community who will be self-reliant solving their problems without putting pressures on the community institutions and their resources. The 20th Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony with more than 340 high achievers in diverse levels and disciplines is proving that our community has mashallah come a long way in 20 years. The students graduating through our financial assistance are now forthcoming to help others. This may be a small beginning but will inshallah have a far-reaching impact in the long-term. The community development through education is being carried out with an integrated approach which includes education awareness, career counseling, facilitation in identification of the accreditation institutions in the respective discipline, performance monitoring of the students, recognition of the high achievers and leadership development. It is heartening to note that parents residing in Kharadar and Nayabad are equally aware of the importance of quality education as their counterparts in Dhoraji, New Dhoraji colony and DHA.



  • 1.1In line with the mission and vision, DYSF has set education as its top most priority. In order to provide an equal opportunity to acquire education to all specially the not so privileged students of the Dhoraji Memon community, DYSF has initiated a Scholarship Program .
  • 1.2 The criteria for providing the Financial Assistance (FAS) is purely based on Need-on- Merit. However students with outstanding academic performance may be considered for a token scholarship to recognize their achievement.
  • 1.3 The allocation of funds would be made on the basis of financial need, type of the academic program being pursued by the student and its need for the student and its family and support provided to other students of the family by DYSF or other community organizations.

2 Policy Statements:

  • FAS is available to students of Dhoraji Memon community only on Need-on-Merit basis.
  • FAS is granted for formal education from any stream at any level from only accredited institutions and on the “Approved Institutions List” of DYSF within Pakistan.
  • FAS is granted on an equal opportunity basis without any gender bias.
  • FAS shall be granted as per the approved limits prescribed for a particular academic year.
  • FAS is sanctioned for a particular academic year, segment or program and is subject to review on receipt of the final results.
  • FAS shall be only once for each academic year, subject or examinations. Students failing will have to clear the failed segment from their own resources before reapplying for the next stage of study.
  • FAS will be discontinued to students who fail to secure the desired performance levels and attendance during their studies.
  • Both the parents and the student will have to be present at the FAS interviews and counseling meetings, in order to qualify for initial grant and continuation of FAS.
  • Payments against FAS are made through Account Payee’s Cheques only in the name of the educational institutions.

3 Scope:

  • The scope of FAS program is restricted to the students of the Dhoraji Memon Community acquiring formal education from any stream and at any level from an accredited institution within Pakistan.
  • The minimum age of the student should be 4 years or more at the start of the academic session for which FAS is being applied for.

4 Responsibilities:

Parents :

  • To seek guidance related to careers and FAS for their children. Control, supervise and manage all operational activities of IT Department.
  • Be present at the FAS interviews and career counseling sessions.
  • Ensure that their children are regular in attendance and studies especially on FAS.
  • Keep track of the academic progress of their children and submit the periodic report to DYSF.

Students :

  • Be regular and attentive at the classes.
  • Seek guidance on the career opportunities from DYSF wherever needed.
  • Maintain the academic performance upto the required standard to remain on FAS.
  • Seek guidance from DYSF if finding difficulty in the chosen subject of discipline.
  • Be present at the FAS interview and counseling sessions.


Application for FAS :

  • Students desirous of availing the FAS should apply only on the prescribed FAS form (FAS- FAF-001) two months before the commencement of the studies with complete attachments and information. For students at school levels the application is received through their parents.
  • Students /parents needing guidance as the selection of career or the education institution may seek an appointment for a meeting before submission of the application form.
  • The filled form is reviewed by any member of the Education Board for reasonableness, accuracy and completeness before calling for the interview.
  • Incase of discrepancies in the form these are rectified before the interview.
  • In case of any perceived mis-declaration or misrepresentation by the applicant the reviewer of the form should seek second opinion from other members of the Education Board before deciding on the next steps.

FAS Interviews:

  • Once the application for FAS is reviewed and found in order a prior appointment is given to the applicants and their parents for the interview within 3 working days of receipt of complete application.
  • FAS interview are conducted by the members of the Education Board of BOG using the Interview Questionnaires ( FAS-FAF- 002).
  • The interviewer should critically review the application form of the student and also the recipients from the same family.
  • The process of interview is recorded by the interviewer along with his recommendations for FAS.
  • The interviewer informs the applicants/ parents that the documents shall be reviewed by the members of Education Board and decision is taken within five working days communicated through a formal letter (FAS- FAL-001).
  • Incase the interviewer feels that the case needs a second review he should then inform the other member of the Board accordingly. He should make sure that the new appointment is set and the case is finalized within a week of the first interview.

Funds Approval and Disbursement:

  • On the recommendation of the interviewer and reviewer the funds for a particular academic year , segment of study are approved and disbursed. The disbursement is made only through Account Payee’s Cheques only drawn in favour of the educational institution.
  • In case multiple students are pursing their studies a consolidated cheque is prepared and sent to the institution along with the cover letter stating the details of the students and payment.
  • In order to minimize the paper work and regulate the cash flows the following payment is followed:
    For payments to schools and colleges        :        Quarterly Payments
    For payment to Universities        :        Quarterly or Semester wise payments
    Incase of professional studies        :        Module or Paper wise payments on due dates

Renewal and Extension of FAS:

  • FAS shall be automatically renewed in case of consistent satisfactory academic performance of the student in the same program for example primary, secondary, BBA, CA etc.
  • Students need to reapply for the next program at the completion of the previous program for example completion of CAT shall not qualify the student for FAS for ACCA. In such cases a fresh evaluation of application and a fresh interview shall be conducted for approval.

Exclusions: The following components of fee and charges are not considered for FAS:

  • Fee to private tutors for additional help and to coaching centers for intermediate and degree level classes.
  • Caution money
  • Laptop Charges
  • Extra curricular and other charges
  • Late fee charges
  • Contributions for some special events charged by the institutions